fp - floating points
The main idea is to analyse multiple kind of data with multiple kind of visualisation modules
floating points is able to display your data with multiple plotter forms:

  • 1 dimension - line - screenshot
  • 2 dimension - plan - screenshot
  • 3 dimension - cube - screenshot
  • radial - radial - screenshot
  • parallel coordinates - parallel - screenshot
  • RGB picture - photo - screenshot
  • tree layout - tree
    • classic tree - tree classic - screenshot
    • 2 dimension radial tree - tree radial - screenshot
    • sunburst - soon
    • sunray - soon
    • h-tree - soon
    • ballon 2d - soon
    • radial 3d - soon
    • cone view 3d - soon
    • ballon 3d - soon
  • strange attractor reconstruction - takens - screenshot
  • status / statistic infos - stats - soon

fp is using opengl library and is able to anaylse static logs or to work in real time. For real time modules, you are able to plug with netfilter, snet or write your own parser, and as it's modular, it tooks less than 10 minutes to add a new one.
fp is not only related to network data, you can manage your GPS data, filesystem benchmarks results, and so on. fp is the tool to find correlation between data with multi-dimensions form.
  • XML config file
  • multiple color support (work in progress)
  • multiple data lists support (main list, marked/selected data from the "main" list)
  • dynamic manipulation of data lists (window/range support)
  • dichotomy search mode - see howto
  • use labels to identify points and get live informations
  • dump: live screenshot (png), creating live html page with all displayed vizualisations (WIP), dump raw data in file
  • displaying grid, scale and axes name
  • reading pcap files
  • opengl: antialising, fullscreen
  • interface: all on keyboard (except manipulating 3d objects)
  • mouse menu (work in progress)
  • sonification: work in progress.
git tree is not yet up on this server.
you need to write a config file to control fp.

I have deleted the old howto, as fp is now using XML config file
you can read config file sample here
all code is released under the GPLv2
Samir Bellabes <sam at synack dot fr>